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Welcome to the GreenLine Conversations Essence Course. This course offers a structured approach to effective conversations, underpinned by an understanding of the neuroscience involved when human beings interact. At work and at home, GreenLine Conversations has helped thousands of individuals around the world make plans, conduct meetings, solve problems, and set goals, one emotionally intelligent conversation at a time. Better conversations = Better results. Read More

The GreenLine Mind Management course is designed to provide participants with a unique insight into the workings of the mind and why, in certain situations or interactions, we fail to perform at our best. With reference to the power of context in forming logic and the role of chemistry in creating lightening quick process power but at the sacrifice of our working memory, participants will be provided with a clear understanding of how their brain functions when experiencing a high state of tension. The course is a must for anybody working in a high performance environment and will provide an important step towards learning how to perform at your best no matter the situation. Read More

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